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So What Exactly Is Twitter About?

For Twitter users, not being part of this golden community is like giving up free prizes. For the Twitter addicts, there’s very little in life that can prevent you from constantly tweeting or following the latest tweets for 5,000+ people that you’re following. For people who are completely oblivious to this Web 2.0 revolution, it’s very difficult to explain. However,…

A Look Back At Digital Journalism

Hindsight bias is the devil. And although there are a couple of different generations that are regular users of the Internet, but at the same time old enough to remember the days before it even existed, no one could possible recall this, back in 1981: httpv:// It’s always intriguing to look back and witness the vision of the future from…

Cloud Computing With eyeOS

eyeOS desktop

The move towards online storage and web applications has been going on for a while. Soon enough, users will enjoy the ability to combine all of the documents and applications in central places so that they can be easily accessed from any computer via the internet. With the advancement of services and online applications available for free, plus the high-connection…

The Fight Against Spam

The Ajax Fancy Captcha method

It’s a sad but true story that as we witness technological developments, spammers become advance and reach new levels to infiltrate our mail boxes. It is by far one of the most frustrating aspects of the online experience, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will be ending anytime soon. Spamming started back in 1978 on the network of the…

Africa And The Internet

Top 10 Internet Countries in Africa

No one expects the Black Continent to be competing with the Japanese as far as internet usage is concerned, but few people know the seriousness and sadness of the situation. With the exponential growth of the Internet and the Web 2.0 services, the gap between many African nations and the rest of the world is becoming too big to handle….

Documentary On Net Neutrality

An informative, thought-provoking video that explains how the internet boomed but is now under serious threat of censorship, on many levels; httpv:// This is the one right that cannot be taken from human beings. 60 percent of the content is produced by people, not corporations, and it has to remain that way. The beauty of the internet is in the…

Alexa: Top Sites In Egypt sadly popular

Although not exactly accurate, provides intriguing information regarding the most visited websites on the Internet, and can be viewed by country or category. Just like the architecture or gastronomy says a lot about a culture, sites visited on the web can say a lot about the people. If you were to check out the Alexa page for the top…

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Information R/evolution

A thought-provoking video by Mike Wesch of the Kansas State University about the evolution of information, and the way in which we share, distribute and add information to the World Wide Web. httpv:// The sky is the limit, and it can only get even better.

Did You Know?

A very thought-provoking video about the present and future of technology. It’s interesting since we are always so over-whelmed by the growth and expansion of the Information Age, that we forget that the future is even bigger. httpv:// So what does this all mean?

Firefox 3.5: Big Improvements

On June 30th, the Mozilla Foundation released the latest version of the world’s best web browser: Firefox 3.5. The original plan was to bring out Firefox 3.1, but as the developers realized that the changes and enhancements were significant, it was given the honorary title of 3.5. As always, there are load of new features incorporated, but let’s talk about…