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Case study video: Azza Fahmy social media campaign

A case study of one of planet360‘s clients, Azza Fahmy. This video summarizes how we managed to create a buzz around the latest culture collection, using social media. This basically shows that with a bit of work, it is rather straight forward to put together a campaign using standard tools. It comes down to knowing your target audience, what they…

Live Social Media Case study: Facebook Cause vs Fan Page

Create a Page on Facebook

For any campaign to be successful, you and your team need to be dynamic, and react to the events as they unfold. In this post I will continue the case study of the live Social Media campaign against Marks & Spencer, focusing on the Facebook cause, that we have decided to replace with a Page. Creating a Facebook cause for…

How to create a basic awareness campaign with Social Media; a live case study

Stop Marks & Spencer

When you want to carry out a campaign to raise awareness about an issue, and/or encourage action, Social Media should be one of your main tools. In this post, I want to share with you how a group of colleagues and I are putting together (yes, as we speak) the campaign to raise awareness about Marks & Spencer’s support to…

Was Panda Cheese’s award-winning viral ad campaign stolen from another commercial?

Panda cheese came out with a successful advertising campaign that consists of about five commercials. The videos are on YouTube and have already received a couple of million views combined in a matter of a few days. In fact, they were handed awards from Cannes Lions. And why wouldn’t they? The idea is courageous, some might even argue too bold…