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My Disastrous Experience with GigeVPS (formerly Host Latch)

I think it’s my duty as part of the open-source community to share the nightmare that was GigeVPS. I first came across Host Latch and was impressed with their low prices and advanced features, which is why I thought I should sign up. In the first few weeks, there were problems every once in a while, but it wasn’t catastrophic….

Migrating from one WordPress installation to another

When you are working on a revamp for your website and/or move to another host, one major concern is how you will be able to migrate all of the posts and information from the current website to the new one. Depending on the size of the data that you are moving, this could be a long process or a short…

What You Need To Know About Hosting

Servers on rack

Web hosting is something every individual comes across at one point in time. Whether you are creating your online presence (as you should), or coordinating a website or blog for someone, you should have a clear idea of the various types of web hosting available, and the differences between them. This is a brief guide to the different kinds that…

Centralize Your Files on a Remote Server

Store your files remotely

As a freelancer of any sort, you’re always on the move. In most cases, you travel distances as part of your work, and have to maintain a certain level of productivity at all times. Web designers and graphic designers alike can only last so long with a laptop, mainly due to the the small screen sizes, but also because of…

Series: The Website Is Down

Very rarely will you come across videos that are as hilarious, informative and intriguing as this: httpv:// The Website Is Down is a free online video series created by technology geeks who are exceptionally good at what they do. With three episodes under their belt already, these guys have deservedly won a handful of awards. This one is the first…

MAMP: Your Needs, On Your Local Mac


As a web designer, finishing up is always a long way’s away. In fact, it’s safe to assume that in most cases, there is more work done on the remote server, than on your local machine. While this will always remain a vital aspect of any website or online application, we can help minimalize time wasted communicating with the remote…