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ازاي تعمل منشورة سياسية تجيب نتيجة

This post has been translated by Mariam Osmann. Read her blog and follow her on twitter. ترجمة مريم عثمان زمان كان توزيع المنشورات ده بيتعمل في الاستخوبس واللي كان ماشي فيه ياما شاف. أما دلوقتي ده بقة العادي عشان تعلن عن فكر أو نشاط وتعرف الناس بيه، ويعتبر مهم لأي مجموعة سوا كانت اتحاد مستقل أو قوة سياسية أو حزب…

How to create an effective political flyer


Yesterday I was at Tahrir square in celebration (and recognition) of Labor Day. While the numbers were not on par with my optimism building up to the day-long event, the mood was uplifted, and the revolution’s happening. As always, I was offered a dozen different flyers by fellow revolutionaries, and I make the effort to go through each one and…

The Living Hell of Dealing with Clients

This is a hilarious video that overly-exaggerates the never-ending torture that comes from dealing with many of the clients when freelancing. Regardless of whether you’re a graphic designer, web designer/developer or multimedia designer, the start of the road to independent freelancing starts off very tough indeed. httpv:// Excuse the foul language, although it does make it even funnier! When you…

Graphic Design in Political Propaganda

Jo Jo The Dove

An interesting article by the Designer Daily revealed some of the artwork that was produced at the time of the Cold War to aid the propaganda of the US as well as the Soviet Union. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and at times of war, it is extremely important for governments to have strong visual campaigns…

Vintage Egyptian Inspiration

The Dreams of Spring

I came across vintage Egyptian film posters dating back half a century and thought to share the inspiration. If you take into consideration the resources available at the time, I would personally say that the Egyptian artists back then were much more creative than the ones around nowadays. Not to take anything away from contemporary Egyptian artists, in the different…