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Creating a panoramic image in Photoshop

This is a video tutorial put together by my dear friend Jose Muñoz, which he embedded in a blog post. He basically shows how you can stitch together a group of photos (simply taken by hand, amateurish) to make a single panoramic image. This photo is of me when he came to Egypt for a visit, and we spent the…

An Arch in Fayoum, Egypt

Photograph by Nora Shalaby

An inspirational photograph of an old house in the lake-side town of Fayoum, south west of the Egyptian capital. You can visit Nora’s blog, or check out her photo stream on Flickr.

Humble Inspiration

Photograph by Hossam el Hamalawy

Sometimes the poorest neighborhoods can be the source of richest of inspirations. Many web designers lose touch with reality and design strictly “for the web”. The trick is to be able to look around and see the beauty around us, and then implement it one way or another when designing. You can view more inspiration from Cairo and Giza at…

It’s Finally Here: Open-Source Hardware

The optimistic crowd that form the borderless and limitless open-source community world-wide have finally been rewarded a long sought-after dream: taking the beautiful concept of open-source beyond software, and into the hardware division. A group of scientists from Standford University have succeeded in putting together a programmable digital camera that allows anyone to write the software to achieve any feature…

Live Colors In Macro Photography

Photograph by Joakim Kræmer

You can never be too inspired. This image is from a collection by Joakim Kræmer of macro photographs revealing design aspects of the world around us that is extremely difficult to spot with the naked eye: Sometimes we get so caught up with designing for the web, that we forget that we can look beyond the digital world for inspiration….