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Surf the Web on Your Mobile

Birdstep: The makers of SmartConnect

One of the biggest advantages of the latest generation of cell phones and hand-held devices is the ability to browse any websites, check your e-mail, follow your RSS feeds, etc. While there are mobile devices, such as the iPhone, that are pay particular attention to the user’s experience with the web, the huge majority leave you the option without encouraging…

Nokia Raises White Flag on Netbook

Nokia Booklet 3G colors

A couple of weeks back, I made a post about Nokia’s shocking decision to enter the Netbook battle with one of its own: the Nokia Booklet 3G. It was great news for the regular users, as it allows for more competition, and hence, better services and more reasonable prices. While the former seemed to be on par, the latter has…

Even Nokia Makes Netbooks

Nokia Booklet 3G

To the surprise of many in the tech world, cellular telephony giants Nokia have announced that they will be introducing a “mini-laptop” by the name of Booklet 3G by next month. The Finnish company has come through the ranks over the years and has established itself as the king of the domain as far as cell phones and portable devices…

The Lifetime of Cell Phones

Nokia 1112, your basic needs

It is a shocking fact of life that the telecommunications industry behaves quite differently to similar markets in terms of what is offered to the consumers. It seems like investing in a cell phone immediately places you in an awkward situation where it is not always best to throw in huge sums of money. Sometimes it is wiser to buy…

Nokia E71: Many Months Later

Fring adds some powerful functionality

Whenever a cell phone is introduced to the market (and sometimes before it’s even out), the web gets swamped with reviews of all sorts. There is a constant competition to bring out the informative, comprehensive review that helps the consumer decide if he or she is willing to invest or not. Analysts who beat the crowd in offering a quality…