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An Arch in Fayoum, Egypt

Photograph by Nora Shalaby

An inspirational photograph of an old house in the lake-side town of Fayoum, south west of the Egyptian capital. You can visit Nora’s blog, or check out her photo stream on Flickr.

Humble Inspiration

Photograph by Hossam el Hamalawy

Sometimes the poorest neighborhoods can be the source of richest of inspirations. Many web designers lose touch with reality and design strictly “for the web”. The trick is to be able to look around and see the beauty around us, and then implement it one way or another when designing. You can view more inspiration from Cairo and Giza at…

Tori’s Eye: Yet Another View of Twitter

Catch the flying tweets with Tori's Eye

Yesterday I wrote about HootSuite 2.0 as yet another solution for managing and utilizing your Twitter account. Lesson 1 from any book on success with Web 2.0 says that when you set the stage, and let the open-source community and the user-base do the acting, you are inevitably bound for results that out-do your most optimistic of imagination. A working…

Graphic Design in Political Propaganda

Jo Jo The Dove

An interesting article by the Designer Daily revealed some of the artwork that was produced at the time of the Cold War to aid the propaganda of the US as well as the Soviet Union. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and at times of war, it is extremely important for governments to have strong visual campaigns…

Live Colors In Macro Photography

Photograph by Joakim Kræmer

You can never be too inspired. This image is from a collection by Joakim Kræmer of macro photographs revealing design aspects of the world around us that is extremely difficult to spot with the naked eye: Sometimes we get so caught up with designing for the web, that we forget that we can look beyond the digital world for inspiration….