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My Disastrous Experience with GigeVPS (formerly Host Latch)

I think it’s my duty as part of the open-source community to share the nightmare that was GigeVPS. I first came across Host Latch and was impressed with their low prices and advanced features, which is why I thought I should sign up. In the first few weeks, there were problems every once in a while, but it wasn’t catastrophic….

What You Need To Know About Hosting

Servers on rack

Web hosting is something every individual comes across at one point in time. Whether you are creating your online presence (as you should), or coordinating a website or blog for someone, you should have a clear idea of the various types of web hosting available, and the differences between them. This is a brief guide to the different kinds that…

Underdeveloped, Or Over-Exploited?

Open source is the future

Award-winning author and lecturer Michael Parenti made the argument that the Third World, the poor countries that are seen to be behind in terms of development and advancement, are not actually underdeveloped, as many assume, but they had been over-exploited. The reason behind the downfall of the majority of the countries on the planet can always be traced back to…