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LogMeIn: Remotely Control Your PCs

LogMeIn tool on Mac

When working with different computers, it’s hard to guarantee you have everything you need with you at all times. You could follow this guide on centralizing all of your documents so that you can access them remotely at any time. However, in many cases, you are still left stranded attempting to get a hold of files on your home computer….

What You Need To Know About Hosting

Servers on rack

Web hosting is something every individual comes across at one point in time. Whether you are creating your online presence (as you should), or coordinating a website or blog for someone, you should have a clear idea of the various types of web hosting available, and the differences between them. This is a brief guide to the different kinds that…

Centralize Your Files on a Remote Server

Store your files remotely

As a freelancer of any sort, you’re always on the move. In most cases, you travel distances as part of your work, and have to maintain a certain level of productivity at all times. Web designers and graphic designers alike can only last so long with a laptop, mainly due to the the small screen sizes, but also because of…

Understanding the Twitter Cycle

Twitter is extremely powerful

The divide between those in the twitter planet and the outside world is constantly growing. Some twitterers could go as far as arguing that unless you’ve been active for extended periods of time, you are almost clueless as to the capabilities of the Web 2.0 revolution, and the power that it gives you. After the traditional Twitter introduction to those…

Surf the Web on Your Mobile

Birdstep: The makers of SmartConnect

One of the biggest advantages of the latest generation of cell phones and hand-held devices is the ability to browse any websites, check your e-mail, follow your RSS feeds, etc. While there are mobile devices, such as the iPhone, that are pay particular attention to the user’s experience with the web, the huge majority leave you the option without encouraging…

Arabic Support in Mac OS X Language Settings

While it might seem like a bit of a hassle, adding support for the Arabic language on your Mac is a simple, straight-forward process. This is a quick guide to adding the Arabic keyboard to Mac OS X, as well as the softwre to use in order to open and edit office documents in Arabic. Add the Arabic Language and…

DOCTYPEs And Validation

When developing a website it is crucial to do so in the cleanest, most standards’ compliant way. After spending sleepless nights getting your website to render properly on IE6 (which I hope will be dieing soon), the next major task on the list is to validate your CSS, as well as the markup. In most cases, having a clean, organized…

The Lifetime of Cell Phones

Nokia 1112, your basic needs

It is a shocking fact of life that the telecommunications industry behaves quite differently to similar markets in terms of what is offered to the consumers. It seems like investing in a cell phone immediately places you in an awkward situation where it is not always best to throw in huge sums of money. Sometimes it is wiser to buy…

Windows XP with VirtualBox on Ubuntu

Ubuntu logo and slogan

For the average user, making the long-awaited switch to Linux seems quite challenging. The open source community has worked tirelessly to tempt the main stream crowd to the penguin world, and after many Linux distributions, Ubuntu has come through the ranks as the obvious choice for any newcomer willing to abandon the commercial world for the real one. Ubuntu’s slogan…

Sharing Blog Posts With Sociable

Sociable Options

It’s refreshing to see scores of blogs and micro-sites on the Internet that are using WordPress. Not only is it the clear leader when it comes to creating personal or professional blogs, but it has also stepped into the realm of CMS-driven websites, and is in many cases the best choice. The free, open-source web application prides itself in how…