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Arabic Video Tutorial for Adobe Photoshop

I had been contemplating for a while blogging with videos when my dear friend Ziad Aly talked me into considering putting together some YouTube webisodes for people to make use of. There are many advantages to talking about design and technology through a series of episodes on YouTube: Easier to portray information: It’s easier to share step-by-step tutorials with videos….

The Living Hell of Dealing with Clients

This is a hilarious video that overly-exaggerates the never-ending torture that comes from dealing with many of the clients when freelancing. Regardless of whether you’re a graphic designer, web designer/developer or multimedia designer, the start of the road to independent freelancing starts off very tough indeed. httpv:// Excuse the foul language, although it does make it even funnier! When you…

Graphic Design in Political Propaganda

Jo Jo The Dove

An interesting article by the Designer Daily revealed some of the artwork that was produced at the time of the Cold War to aid the propaganda of the US as well as the Soviet Union. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and at times of war, it is extremely important for governments to have strong visual campaigns…

Can GIMP Replace Photoshop?

As a web designer and a Linux supporter, I’m always left to ponder if I could really break off from Windows and Mac OS completely, and live exclusively with the penguin. Almost all applications that we work with today are free and/or open-source, with the huge majority making themselves at home on Ubuntu and the likes. However, there are a…