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Case study video: ME app social media campaign

A case study of ME, a mobile application that acts as an infotainment portal. This video shows how we were able to generate interest from the target audience to download and and register to use the free app, provided via Mobinil. It was a bit of a challenge because the app is mainly in Arabic and targets the masses, many…

Why we should all use Firefox and NOT Google Chrome


In December 2008, tech giant Google unleashed the stable version of its browser, Chrome. Less then two years later, it has eaten up over 17% of the browser market share, growing at an unprecedented rate. It’s fast and light-weight, and boasts a sleek interface. The problem, however, is that the small advantages of the new browser, come at big costs….

Web Developing on Mac OS X with Panic’s Coda

Panic Coda

Out of Adobe’s undisputed Fab Four on any web designer’s desktop (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver), the one specifically for HTML and CSS is probably the most threatened. Indeed, replacing any of the first three is almost an impossibility (see my post on GIMP’s attempt to overthrow Photoshop). Finding an alternative to Dreamweaver, however, has become more of a reality….

LogMeIn: Remotely Control Your PCs

LogMeIn tool on Mac

When working with different computers, it’s hard to guarantee you have everything you need with you at all times. You could follow this guide on centralizing all of your documents so that you can access them remotely at any time. However, in many cases, you are still left stranded attempting to get a hold of files on your home computer….

Centralize Your Files on a Remote Server

Store your files remotely

As a freelancer of any sort, you’re always on the move. In most cases, you travel distances as part of your work, and have to maintain a certain level of productivity at all times. Web designers and graphic designers alike can only last so long with a laptop, mainly due to the the small screen sizes, but also because of…

Ping! Messaging Service for iPhones

As if an SMS

The iPhone and iPod Touch application store just got bigger and better. Ping! is a new service emulating the BBM feature of Blackberrys. The idea is simple: instead of using SMSs which are costly across borders, and instead of using an IM (like Skype, MSN, etc.) which are standalone applications, require you to log in and out, and eat away…

Twitter Apps for Mobile Devices

Twibble goes commercial

It could take a considerable amount of time to get properly acquainted with Twitter, but it takes no time to fall in love with it. Regardless of what this Web 2.0 revolution was originally made for, it’s current uses surpass those of the most optimistic of the Twitter founders. A huge factor behind its success in reaching and recruiting millions…

Using Seesmic for Twitter

Seesmic Desktop Interface

The Twitter globe won’t stop expanding anytime soon. It only takes a quick observation of the fine print underneath each of the tweets to reach the conclusion that the applications for accessing and managing Twitter accounts are growing by the minute. The question is, which Twitter client is the one you should be using? Like anything else, it’s a matter…

Opera 10: The All-In-One Browser

The new Opera 10

Opera seems to have become the forgotten browser. in 1996, when the world was starting to learn about the World Wide Web, version 2.0 of Opera was publicly released. Two years later, they had already initiated the portable branch, bringing the browser to a wealth of portable devices (anything that supported Java). I had previously discussed using the mobile version…

What’s New in iTunes 9

You can watch the Apple website’s videos showcasing all of the new features that are enclosed in the latest release of Apple’s media player. But who needs boring, repetitive and commercial¬† demonstrations when you can get this: httpv:// Credit to the presenter for revealing what is interesting to us, the regular users, in the most basic, straight-forward approach. Pay particular…