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5 reasons why Adobe Flash will slowly but surely go extinct

As trends go through their natural cycle, the general public’s definition of ‘attractive’ websites alters. There’s no doubt that websites built in flash can be breath-taking. Wonderwall, AgencyNet 2.0 and Waterlife are a sweet reminder of the creativity and innovation that designers and multimedia developers are capable of. However, while Adobe Flash provides what many ambiguously call the ‘wow factor’,…

What makes a good website?

The other day my friend Hatem Seoudi called me up to ask ‘what makes a good website? How can I tell if I’m looking at a kick-ass website, or a not-so-hot one?’ Good question. Needless to say, the answer is highly subjective, and depends on numerous aspects. But like everything else, there are a set of rules and guidelines that…

Why we should all use Firefox and NOT Google Chrome


In December 2008, tech giant Google unleashed the stable version of its browser, Chrome. Less then two years later, it has eaten up over 17% of the browser market share, growing at an unprecedented rate. It’s fast and light-weight, and boasts a sleek interface. The problem, however, is that the small advantages of the new browser, come at big costs….

Arabic Video Tutorial for Adobe Photoshop

I had been contemplating for a while blogging with videos when my dear friend Ziad Aly talked me into considering putting together some YouTube webisodes for people to make use of. There are many advantages to talking about design and technology through a series of episodes on YouTube: Easier to portray information: It’s easier to share step-by-step tutorials with videos….

My Disastrous Experience with GigeVPS (formerly Host Latch)

I think it’s my duty as part of the open-source community to share the nightmare that was GigeVPS. I first came across Host Latch and was impressed with their low prices and advanced features, which is why I thought I should sign up. In the first few weeks, there were problems every once in a while, but it wasn’t catastrophic….

Open Egypt: Free XHTML & CSS design template for download

Open Egypt

When you’re freelancing, you don’t have a supervisor or manager to tell you how good or bad of a job you’ve done with your work. So many-a-times, you’re left in a bit of an imaginary self-critique that makes you feel like a superstar. After throwing in a reasonable chunk of creative wit in a design for one of my clients,…

GeekFest Cairo 1.0

The reason why the web is the ideal tool to give power to the people, is because it allows us all to connect with each other directly across space and time, sharing knowledge and experiences. That is why the web should always act as a mean to an end that will benefit us all, and it is events like this…

Manage Your Freelance Projects with ProjectPier


Starting off your web design freelancing career might not require advanced tools and applications, but you’ll soon realize that’s organization is key. Thankfully, many entities have reached that same conclusion, and therefore there are numerous tools on the table for you to make your pick. Project management tools help freelancers and agencies collaborate and organize tasks between the different members…

No More, thanks to notification bar

When non-profit organizations and foundations made the realization that, despite their limited budget and resources, they could reach their target audience effectively (all thanks to the web), their objectives suddenly became much more attainable. Carrying out the tasks of a given development program might be costly, but at least spreading awareness of the issue, and reaching out to volunteers and…

Web Developing on Mac OS X with Panic’s Coda

Panic Coda

Out of Adobe’s undisputed Fab Four on any web designer’s desktop (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver), the one specifically for HTML and CSS is probably the most threatened. Indeed, replacing any of the first three is almost an impossibility (see my post on GIMP’s attempt to overthrow Photoshop). Finding an alternative to Dreamweaver, however, has become more of a reality….