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Constant phone calls

Bansyon by Rowan el Shimi

Communication, especially voice calls, became an integral part of my experience at the square, and in fact consumed a considerable chunk of the daily routine. It was an activity that tired me out at a time when every piece of energy was needed. While some calls were very important in the process of the ongoing revolution, others, and sadly an…

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Radwan’s party at the Cairo airport!

Rad what? Rad-1

A week after he has been detained in downtown Damascus, Muhammad Radwan is finally free and will be flying to Cairo tomorrow (Saturday), arriving at the international airport’s terminal 3 at 6pm via EgyptAir. Needless to say, we’re going to be kickin’ one hell of a party at the airport and you’re all invited. We’ll try to get the following…

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My Cousin Radwan Detained in Syria


I’ve just received news that my cousin and dear friend Muhammad Bakr Radwan has been detained in the Syrian capital Damascus following Friday’s demonstrations and accused of espionage. His latest tweet came during the early afternoon on March the 25th in which he indicated that he was at the Umayyid mosque in downtown Damascus witnessing tension. Syrian newspapper Sana later…

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Compilation of media appearances

When all eyes turned to a square in downtown Cairo, mainstream media did its part in documenting the revolution. Since I was amongst those who were consistently at Tahrir, I was targeted by journalists from different parts of the globe. Moreover, my Spanish-speaking skills made me a bit of a golden opportunity for media outlets in Spain and Latin America…

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Abdel Khalek El Sayyed – Captured in Libya

My friend Adel Abdel Ghafar, who was with me on the Libya trip that I had blogged about, called me this evening to share the shocking news: Abdel Khalek, a 19 year-old volunteer from Cairo who was with us during the whole trip but stayed behind when we all returned to Egypt, was captured by Gaddafi’s forces. In the video…

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The Bansyon’s regulars

Hatemation coordinating the game plan

To follow up on my earlier entry in the Tahrir Diaries, I’ve dedicated this post to some of the Bansyon el Horreya regulars. Because not only was the Bansyon my home, it was also the meeting point of many revolutionaries. They got me food, they got me news. If it wasn’t for the people who showed up almost every single…

Bansyon el Horreya

The Shalabys (with Robin) and Waleed after packing up

How can we talk about the ongoing revolution without bringing up my home during two weeks? From the day after Angry Friday and up until Mubarak’s resignation, my address changed from conservative, backwards Mohandeseen, to progressive and bohemian Tahrir square. Moving to Tahrir square On the morning of the 30th I got a call from my dear friend Waleed Fateem,…

What happened on Friday 28th?

Hazem Zohny and I shortly after the tanks' arrival

Even though I planned to avoid a chronological approach to the Tahrir Diaries, I had to dedicate a post to the events of the 28th, and it is by no means a short one. Starting next entry, I will talk about the different aspects of the revolution, regardless of timing and sequence of events. January the 28th was the day…

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To Tubruq & Ben Ghazi, and back

As the Arab world starts to realize that if it weren’t for our corrupt dictators, we’d be much more united, more inspirational revolutions are taking place. Sadly for our Libyan brothers and sisters, their task is by no means a walk in the park, thanks to a delusional Gaddafi that makes Mubarak look like a reasonable diplomat. I went off…

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National Police Day: Just another demonstration?

Broadcasting live while dodging tear gas

In the days leading to the National Police holiday on the 25h of January (the very unwelcome bank holiday that was introduced last year), there was talk about demonstrating against the police (and people actually bothered to give reasons, as if we needed reminders). As always, I was planning on taking part, but was not very optimistic. I remember I…

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