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Elections in revolutionary times


It’s been 15 months and we’re still judged, legislated and executed by SCAF. It seems like it was only the other day when a small group of revolutionaries were independently trying to talk everyone else from not walking into SCAF’s parliamentary elections. I even wrote a blog post about and had my friend Arwa translate it into Arabic to try…

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Create a ‘Facebook Website’ from start to finish

Facebook Website PSD Template

The new Facebook Timeline has changed once again the social network dynamics. If you’re working with pages, this shift is a big deal and while some have feared this drastic flip, I think there’s plenty of benefits to pull out of this. Besides the obvious ‘cover image’, which could be regularly changed to fill the 850 x 315px at the…


Tahrir sq. Nov 22nd - photo by @LilianWagdy

No one said it was going to be easy. The ongoing Egyptian revolution, like any other, goes through ups and downs. The bumpy road is rather harsh on those who celebrate victories momentarily, and let the consequences of the losses drag on. While the current phase is not exactly a positive indicator in terms of achievements versus sacrifices, there’s plenty…

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Amre Moussa For President


Yeah…about that.

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What’s the big deal? وإيه المشكلة يعني؟

What's the big deal?

Bread, freedom, and social justice. That’s what we’re after, and we won’t settle for any less. [youtube width=”520″ height=”294″][/youtube] Make sure you watch to the very end! See you all on the 25th.

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لنقاطع انتخابات العسكر: الثورة مستمرة

Original post generously translated by my dear friend and activist, Arwa Marei ترجمة أروى مرعي أخيرا، بعد مرور تسعة أشهر من الستة الانتقالية الموعودة، نوشك على أن نبدأ الطريق إلى الديمقراطية بمجموعة من الانتخابات تستمر حتى بداية عام 2013 (هذا صحيح؛ المرحلة الانتقالية ذات الست شهور ستستغرق فعليا حوالي السنتين). يوم 28 نوفمبر سيصطف ملايين المصريين (بمن فيهم المغتربين) أمام…

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Boycotting SCAF’s elections: The revolution continues

The only problem is that they're good at what they do

Finally, after nine months have past from the promised six-month transitional period, we are about to embark on the road to democracy with a handful of elections carrying us through till early 2013 (that’s right; the six-month transitional phase will translate to about two years). On November 28th, millions of Egyptians (including those abroad) will queue up in front of…

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SCAF Detains Alaa Abdel-Fattah

Alaa's iconic twitter avatar. One of many you can get a hold of at

Revolutionary times call for escalated reactions. Perhaps it was the only glimmer of hope when 36 of our brothers were massacred by the Egyptian army last month. Surely, it is an inevitable phase that we have to go through to reach victory with our #Jan25 struggle. It’s a challenge whose acceptance is far easier said than done. It’s doable, until…

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The three emotional highlights at Tahrir


The feelings that burst out during the revolutionary times will always be intense. When I look back to the early stage of the revolution and the time I’ve spent at Tahrir, I can pin point three particular moments in which my emotions were in the driving seat in an unprecedented manner. Together, they create the trio of dots to be…

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Normalizing the Illegal State of Israel


My sister Novi, Nevine Shalaby, shared with me the following video campaign by Avaaz that aims to gather support for the recognition of Palestine as a state with a spot in the United Nations. [youtube width=”520″ height=”317″][/youtube] At first, the video appears as an astute method to simplify a bit of a pickle in the heart of the Arab world….

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