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To Tubruq & Ben Ghazi, and back

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As the Arab world starts to realize that if it weren’t for our corrupt dictators, we’d be much more united, more inspirational revolutions are taking place. Sadly for our Libyan brothers and sisters, their task is by no means a walk in the park, thanks to a delusional Gaddafi that makes Mubarak look like a reasonable diplomat.

I went off to cross the border with a group of friends, taking with us all the medical supplies we could put together. While there, I tried to do some basic citizen journalism and document what I could. The following is the outcome.

Photo album on Facebook: Libya, February 2011

Photos from Libya in higher resolution on Flickr: Libya, February 2001

A video made of the clips I shot with my digital camera, titled Libya’s Next Door, on YouTube

[youtube width=”520″ height=”323″][/youtube]

There were those who were against the revolution in Egypt in the name of ‘stability’, and they’re slowly but surely making the realization that opposing the movement is far from wise. Likewise, those who claim that any help to a fellow Arab country’s struggle is at the expense of our own are being naive, and time will tell. Victory is inevitably ours, because we are the people we’ve been waiting for.

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March 4, 2011

Masyallah, May Allah swt bless you and others for all your efforts in bringing the medical aid and help for the Libyan people.

Abdalla Bengezi

March 5, 2011

Im Amr Zaki’s friend in Canada, originally Libyan. Just saw the video and the pictures and I cant thank you enough for youre help and awareness of this chaos. Thanks!


March 6, 2011

Your blog is extremely interesting, here in the U.S. we hear about the situation with Egypt and its neighboring countries, but the media takes a very economical view of this-fussing over the price of oil and increase in consumer goods. It is exciting to here from someone who’s helping make history (and recording it) in Egypt and Libya. Good job!

Walaa Shazly

March 8, 2011

Hello Tarek,

Welcome back… You’ll have a lot of work in the next day… Get ready to go to Yemen, Bahrain, Oman, Saudia. They are in urge need for brave rebels!

Best Regards


March 13, 2011

who’s the musician?

Tarek Shalaby

March 13, 2011

Abdalla Bengezi: Thank you very much for your kind words. Let me assure you that every single Libyan we came across was extremely hospitable with us. In fact, we never paid for any transportation of accommodation, and on our last day our driver took us all out to lunch.

Egypt and Libya are separated by a border drawn by dictators who have always tried to keep us apart because they know that when we’re united, we’re much stronger than they ever will be.

Walaa: Thank you very much ya Walaa! There’s a lot of work for all of us to do here in Egypt. When things settle isA, I’ll go on an Arab tour in solidarity with all of our brothers and sisters revolting against their dictators! Rabena yostor bas.

Nevsh: Novi, it was written by a guy named Adel AlMosheety who spent a few years in prison prior to creating this song, which he dedicated it to the revolution and it’s considered the ‘official’ anthem.

Gamed, mesh keda? It’s all you hear when you walk through the main square in Ben Ghazi.

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osama mahmoud

March 16, 2011

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,ezayk ya tarek basha.. ana osama el knt m3ako mn msa3d l tobroq…rbna ystor w 3bdl5al2 yrg3 blsalama….7md llah 3 salama ya basha….

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