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Arabic Video Tutorial for Adobe Photoshop

I had been contemplating for a while blogging with videos when my dear friend Ziad Aly talked me into considering putting together some YouTube webisodes for people to make use of. There are many advantages to talking about design and technology through a series of episodes on YouTube:

  • Easier to portray information: It’s easier to share step-by-step tutorials with videos. Not to mention that it has become more effective (fewer people are willing to read articles)
  • More exposure: Videos are much more likely to go viral than articles
  • The Arabs on the Web: Which is by far the most important aspect. While there are more and more Arabs online, very few take part in providing content. In fact, most tutorials and resources are in English, making it difficult for Arabs who aren’t comfortable with the language. It would be great to help place the Arabs on the Web 2.0 map, and facilitate the exchange of information between them

A quick search through YouTube got me to Ana 3rby’s channel (an Egyptian as well). He has a very informative series on learning to use Photoshop. This is the first video:


I personally think it’s a great initiative, and hope to be able to partake in the near future.

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December 4, 2010

Great video! Thanks very much

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