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Interesting illustration of how motivation works

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The design aspect of this video is so impressive, it’s almost over-whelming. Make sure you focus on the actual message as well, and not just get carried away with the cool hand-drawn graphics


I’d like to see where we can go from here. One thing’s for sure, and it’s that the open-source movement is a win-win situation for everyone, so it’s time we all got on board.

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Mohammed Mansoor

August 29, 2010

Hi, Thank you for sharing this. I had originally watched the lecture given by Dan Pink in TED a conference. And being in the creative business myself, I feel that he speaks my heart when it come to what really gives me job satisfaction.
I am sure many would agree. And I should not forget to mention that the visualizations by RSAanimate are really good.

Tarek Shalaby

August 30, 2010

Very true. But it’s also interesting because it explains what a lot of people fail to understand, and that is the concept of open-source. Many think that members of the open-source community do it for fame, reputation, money or experience. When in fact, motivation works differently, and we should think about that.

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