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Dj’it Android Application

When Google announced the open source mobile operating system, it reminded everyone of how the power of open source extends beyond desktops, it can now be experienced on the road via portable devices and mobile phones. Skeptical linux fans would’ve preferred the open-source community to come up with it first, but nevertheless, even if it is a huge corporation that set the stage, it is still the users and the penguin people that produce the play.

That has been precisely demonstrated via Dj’it, the latest and most exciting product of the Android industry, that brings a wealth of functionality and flexibility to your Android phone.

The DJ'it Application for Android

The Dj'it Application for Android

Dj’it is an application for your cell phone that turns it into a music console. It’s the ideal solution for music lovers that want to take their parties on the road, and be able to preform advanced tasks, such as composing and mixing, on the go using their mobile phone.

Whilst still in the development phase, it promises to bring live dual-track mixing directly from your music library straight from your phone. Therefore you have the ability to play different tracks in parallel, and mix between them. No need to worry about the volume levels, Dj’it automatically settles the tunes on the some tone so that the transition is smooth and seamless. Moreover, you can use your phone as a compositor to record tracks and blend them in with the ones on your phone.

Throw a party, and spin away

Throw a party, and spin away

Even for those who love the music, but dislike the technicality behind it, Dj’it can be all fun and games, as it allows you to organize parties, locate them on the map, and invite those who will be dancing to the live DJ spins, also carried out by the Android application.

Create playlists

Create playlists

After sorting out your playlists and tunes, you can then share them with fellow Dj’iters and connect with them. You can also map out the locations of Dj’it parties, or send out invitations for others to join the musical revolution.

The Dj’it team, boasting developers Roberto Diaz and Gema Socorro, is based in Gran Canaria, Spain, and is taking the music console to the Android Development Challenge. You can learn more about the project through the Dj’it Facebook page.

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October 5, 2009

Hi Tarek Shalaby, it’s always joyous and hopeful to see people from around the globe participating in the freedom of information. Thank you for enlightening me on the still ever developing Android arena. Looks like the DJ’s and VJ’s of the world will have something new to play with.

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