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Violence In Computer Games

Yet another hilarious video by the Onion News Network. This time, the issue at hand is violence in games: Are Violent Video Games Preparing Kids For The Apocalypse?


Besides the fact that it is rather humorous, there are a couple of points that are raised, albeit indirectly, from the intellectual “debate”:

  1. The world of science fiction in games is extremely creative. It is not easy to create characters and story lines that attract fanatics to come on board. However, does more creativity require increased violence? Can we not enjoy entertaining, strategic games without violence?
  2. The fiction depicted in the main stream games is always at least remotely related to reality. In many cases it’s a spin-off from what we see around us in the world today. Does that in turn mean that violence in games is merely an exaggeration of real life? If not, then why is that particular aspect blown out of proportion?
  3. With the vast improvements in Computer Graphics and  3d rendering, violent effects are more and more striking. In a way, violence in games is increasing. Is there a limit? Or will is eventually settle, and perhaps even wane?

It is very difficult to measure the effect of violence in games on the people who are active players. Not only because it is not tangible, but also because the advancements are so fast, that we cannot even compare generations because of the huge differences. Therefore, we are mainly left with subjective opinions. One aspect that the huge majority would agree on is that, even if it is not harmful, violent games are in not way benefiting the up and coming generations of the “human race”.

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