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Support Details: Your Basic Info

It cannot be reiterated enough: The beauty of the internet lies in the unlimited possibilities of the direct communication between millions of people across space and time. The freedom of the Web gives the people the power deserved. That is why there are always new products and services available for the user to take advantage of. I have previously reviewed Web 2.0 websites that make your life easier, such as Print Friendly or StopForwarding.Us, and today I came across a simple service that might save the average user a lot of hassle.

Support Details is a web page that immediately detects some basic information about your computer and displays it in a neat layout so that you can pass it on to the technical support specialist when you talk to him. Regardless of whether you consider yourself tech-savy or not, if you face problems with your PC at work, for example, and have to call the IT guys and explain the situation on the phone, this website provides you with some of the information they would need.

Support Details: Your Info

Support Details: Your Info

As you can see from the image, You can find out the exact OS that you are using, screen resolution, browser (with version), and more. You can even send these details in an email directly from the page.

This is not meant to be a system analyzer, but merely the type of information that tends to be sought after by those trying to fix your computer. It would be nice to see a lot more info, such as the processor, hard disk and the likes, but that would require a software. This is but an example of a free Web 2.0 service that has a specific task and does it well.

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August 24, 2009

u won’t believe if i told u i just had a five months training in webdesign and did not practice yet:( yr website is very interesting;)

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