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So What Exactly Is Twitter About?

For Twitter users, not being part of this golden community is like giving up free prizes. For the Twitter addicts, there’s very little in life that can prevent you from constantly tweeting or following the latest tweets for 5,000+ people that you’re following. For people who are completely oblivious to this Web 2.0 revolution, it’s very difficult to explain. However, this videos actually does a pretty good job to give an introduction:


Notice that they are repeatedly arguing that it is about short updates between “blog posts”. While that is true to a certain degree, just like everything else, the actual uses deviate significantly from the original theory. Meaning, the huge majority of twitterers use the service for completely different motives. In fact, the most followed and the highest rated tweeters (besides celebrities like Obama), are the ones that are constantly sending out tweets with useful links. They are the ones that bring the best of your world (whatever your interests might be) to your Twitter page. Therefore, no need to search the web, and no need for RSS, just by checking out your Twitter page constantly, you immediately have access to all of the information that you are interested in, and/or in need of.

For example, web designers use Twitter to exchange websites and resources that are useful to everyone. It is an ideal way to use the tools and services that have been tested out and recommended by peers. More over, you can (briefly) discuss different topics, and it can eventually grow to be a conversation where thousands of members have taken part in it.

But why would people invest so much time in providing links and useful information for everyone? The main reason is exposure. By gaining people’s trust, and winning over thousands and thousands of followers, whenever you want people to visit a particular page (for example, your blog), you can immediately drive immense traffic and benefit in that way. It is perhaps the best way to market your blog, website and services.

Twitter went from being a service that allows individuals to connect to their loved ones by simple, insignificant updates, to being a Web 2.0 movement that you simply cannot miss out on. It is a platform of communication that is surprisingly simple, yet incredibly effective at the same time. Even though it wasn’t planned to be used in this way, it has inevitably become a huge success.

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