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Series: The Website Is Down

Very rarely will you come across videos that are as hilarious, informative and intriguing as this:


The Website Is Down is a free online video series created by technology geeks who are exceptionally good at what they do. With three episodes under their belt already, these guys have deservedly won a handful of awards. This one is the first episode from the point of view of the IT specialist, and there are a number of vital conclusions to draw from this:

  • IT technicians are exceptional at multi-tasking, and all they are after is a piece of mind
  • In any given company, every non-IT employee thinks that he or she is an expert and know how problems are solved
  • Communication is always a miserable failure. No one has any clue what he or she is supposed to do, and how to relay the information
  • Just because you are the person who implements decisions, does not mean that you are responsible for taking them. It’s the vicious cycle of all companies
  • What goes on behind the scenes in the server room is nowhere near what is advertised

I personally think that the most important aspect of the video is the demonstration of the significantly large technological gap between the specialists and the regular users. It is cause for concern as fewer “Web Dude’s” possess enough patience to help the users get on their feet, and it’s only getting worse.

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