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Visualizing the Egyptian revolution


After an overwhelmingly eventful three weeks in which we Egyptians oust the brutally corrupt regime of Hosni Mubarak, we are left with a plethora of documentation to help us reflect upon the historical achievement. The beauty of collaborative work on such a magnitude of a scale comes from the simple fact that each person can aide the movement in his…

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How to create a basic awareness campaign with Social Media; a live case study

Stop Marks & Spencer

When you want to carry out a campaign to raise awareness about an issue, and/or encourage action, Social Media should be one of your main tools. In this post, I want to share with you how a group of colleagues and I are putting together (yes, as we speak) the campaign to raise awareness about Marks & Spencer’s support to…

What makes a good website?

The other day my friend Hatem Seoudi called me up to ask ‘what makes a good website? How can I tell if I’m looking at a kick-ass website, or a not-so-hot one?’ Good question. Needless to say, the answer is highly subjective, and depends on numerous aspects. But like everything else, there are a set of rules and guidelines that…

No More, thanks to notification bar

When non-profit organizations and foundations made the realization that, despite their limited budget and resources, they could reach their target audience effectively (all thanks to the web), their objectives suddenly became much more attainable. Carrying out the tasks of a given development program might be costly, but at least spreading awareness of the issue, and reaching out to volunteers and…

El Koshary Today: Satirical News Website Built with Drupal

El Koshary Today's interface

After months of hard work and creative time-wasting techniques, Egypt’s first online satirical news source is finally here. El Koshary Today is a website built with Drupal CMS that brings the latest fictitious stories from Egypt and around the globe. It is built to be light-weight, simple yet sleek. The most important aspect of the website is the content itself,…

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LogMeIn: Remotely Control Your PCs

LogMeIn tool on Mac

When working with different computers, it’s hard to guarantee you have everything you need with you at all times. You could follow this guide on centralizing all of your documents so that you can access them remotely at any time. However, in many cases, you are still left stranded attempting to get a hold of files on your home computer….

Understanding the Twitter Cycle

Twitter is extremely powerful

The divide between those in the twitter planet and the outside world is constantly growing. Some twitterers could go as far as arguing that unless you’ve been active for extended periods of time, you are almost clueless as to the capabilities of the Web 2.0 revolution, and the power that it gives you. After the traditional Twitter introduction to those…

HotGloo: Online Wireframe Application

HotGloo work area

When starting on a relatively large web design project, it is vital that you are organized and efficient from day one. I had previously spoken about the 960 GS which is an ideal solution for building your website on a reliable framework, particularly because they provide you with templates for design applications (such as Photoshop and Fireworks). The earlier you…

Tori’s Eye: Yet Another View of Twitter

Catch the flying tweets with Tori's Eye

Yesterday I wrote about HootSuite 2.0 as yet another solution for managing and utilizing your Twitter account. Lesson 1 from any book on success with Web 2.0 says that when you set the stage, and let the open-source community and the user-base do the acting, you are inevitably bound for results that out-do your most optimistic of imagination. A working…

Tweeting with HootSuite 2.0

HootSuite Logo

Twitter is becoming more and more similar to an open-source application, especially when you look at the integration of its services with millions of products from the open-source community. I have previously discussed TweetDeck, which allows you to efficiently utilize the Twitter service (and for that matter, you can check out the post introducing Twitter to the people in the…