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My Failed Attempt to use a Skype Phone in Egypt

I took a bit of a risk when I saw how easy it was to order a Skype phone from their official online store and have it ‘delivered to my door’ in Cairo, Egypt. Little did I know that there’s much more involved than entering my credit card details and clicking a button or two. They say it’s not only…

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Sharing Screens With TeamViewer

TeamViewer Logo

If you are collaborating on a given project with someone else, whether on the technical or the business side, you have to rely on a handful of tools to ensure proper communication. After all, reaching a final quality product requires communication on the highest level, and this means: voice, chat, screen-sharing, remote control and file-sharing. And while there are quite…

The Exploding Internet Trends

The Exploding Internet

This is a graph that visually maps out internet usage world-wide. You can look through numbers all night, but nothing can help us comprehend the massiveness of the web like an illustration as such: There are several thought-provoking digits to draw conclusions from: China has the biggest user base, even though it is one of the countries that censors the…

Should You Use Skype Or Vonage?

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There’s no doubt that Voice Over IP has substantially grown over the last five years or so, and looks to become the way for the future. With high-speed internet connections everywhere, it makes sense to take advantage of the infrastructure available, and offer people the ability to contact each other with voice (as well as video), at very low prices….