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Normalizing the Illegal State of Israel


My sister Novi, Nevine Shalaby, shared with me the following video campaign by Avaaz that aims to gather support for the recognition of Palestine as a state with a spot in the United Nations. [youtube width=”520″ height=”317″][/youtube] At first, the video appears as an astute method to simplify a bit of a pickle in the heart of the Arab world….

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Is the Web power to the people?

I finally had the chance to watch Adam Curtis’s documentary, “All watched over by machines of loving grace”. At least the first episode, anyway. At first it might need some adaptation to the calm tempo and the seemingly unrelated plots, but it soon fits together and connects quiet impressively. With many points to reflect on, one in particular caught my…

Compilation of media appearances

When all eyes turned to a square in downtown Cairo, mainstream media did its part in documenting the revolution. Since I was amongst those who were consistently at Tahrir, I was targeted by journalists from different parts of the globe. Moreover, my Spanish-speaking skills made me a bit of a golden opportunity for media outlets in Spain and Latin America…

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Abdel Khalek El Sayyed – Captured in Libya

My friend Adel Abdel Ghafar, who was with me on the Libya trip that I had blogged about, called me this evening to share the shocking news: Abdel Khalek, a 19 year-old volunteer from Cairo who was with us during the whole trip but stayed behind when we all returned to Egypt, was captured by Gaddafi’s forces. In the video…

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Case study video: ME app social media campaign

A case study of ME, a mobile application that acts as an infotainment portal. This video shows how we were able to generate interest from the target audience to download and and register to use the free app, provided via Mobinil. It was a bit of a challenge because the app is mainly in Arabic and targets the masses, many…

Exploitation: The ethical reasoning behind my choice with clients

The capitalism pyramid: the capitalist tradition

After numerous occasions of declining pitches for projects in the name of morality (the last of which has caused more of a backlash than normal), I was inspired by my friend Rowan el Shimi to put together this blog post through which I can comprehensively explain why I refuse to work with the majority of potential clients; what the reasoning…

Case study video: Azza Fahmy social media campaign

A case study of one of planet360‘s clients, Azza Fahmy. This video summarizes how we managed to create a buzz around the latest culture collection, using social media. This basically shows that with a bit of work, it is rather straight forward to put together a campaign using standard tools. It comes down to knowing your target audience, what they…

Arabic Video Tutorial for Adobe Photoshop

I had been contemplating for a while blogging with videos when my dear friend Ziad Aly talked me into considering putting together some YouTube webisodes for people to make use of. There are many advantages to talking about design and technology through a series of episodes on YouTube: Easier to portray information: It’s easier to share step-by-step tutorials with videos….

Interesting illustration of how motivation works

The design aspect of this video is so impressive, it’s almost over-whelming. Make sure you focus on the actual message as well, and not just get carried away with the cool hand-drawn graphics httpv:// I’d like to see where we can go from here. One thing’s for sure, and it’s that the open-source movement is a win-win situation for everyone,…

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Google Nexus One vs Apple iPhone 3Gs

An informative video by Gadget Video Reviews that compares Google’s new phone (manufactured by HTC) with the iPhone. Straight, to-the-point, and fills you in with what you’re really after. httpv:// Although you’ll never be able to fully judge until you get your hands on one of Google’s new boys, it is useful to have a broad idea. The one aspect…