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How to Create a Centered UL with Blocks of LI Links

Whether you are working with a CMS or creating a static page (which is logically the step before your custom CMS theme), you are often left to ponder the best way to display a navigational menu or pagination links so that they are centered and in blocks of equal size. You’d be surprised how easy that is, this short tutorial…

DOCTYPEs And Validation

When developing a website it is crucial to do so in the cleanest, most standards’ compliant way. After spending sleepless nights getting your website to render properly on IE6 (which I hope will be dieing soon), the next major task on the list is to validate your CSS, as well as the markup. In most cases, having a clean, organized…

Sharing Blog Posts With Sociable

Sociable Options

It’s refreshing to see scores of blogs and micro-sites on the Internet that are using WordPress. Not only is it the clear leader when it comes to creating personal or professional blogs, but it has also stepped into the realm of CMS-driven websites, and is in many cases the best choice. The free, open-source web application prides itself in how…