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Are NGOs really making this world a better place?

Main st. not Wall st.

The other day I was with my dear friend Heba ‘Boobie’ El Sherif and the topic of non-governmental organizations came up. And how wouldn’t it? Long before #jan25, but especially since right after, many young, pro-active Egyptians are exploring the different channels of bringing about social change and turning things around for all of us. Naturally, NGOs and development projects…

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Snippets from Trotsky’s “Results & Prospects”

Tanta Flax strikers demonstrate in front of Ministerial Cabinet HQ

Friend and comrade Karen Dominguez bought me Leon Trotsky’s classic The Permanent Revolution which also includes his 1906 book, Results and Prospects. I’ve finally had the chance to thoroughly read the first half, and it inspired me to share my reflections on Trotsky’s ideas from over a century, with points that, with regards to the ongoing Egyptian revolution, appear to…

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Marxist Revolutionaries and Elections

Naguib Mahfouz school poll station, Faisel district, Cairo

The intense weeks of Egypt’s presidential elections were tough on everyone. Constant debates – heated debates, and aggressive arguments catapulted all over no-man’s land, and even the tightest of political groups were threatened by divisions. I personally went through quite an emotionally exhausting time myself, and I’ll recognize that my strong feeling towards my position with regards to the elections…

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