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France to the rescue: the liberation of Mali’s uranium

French military presence in the region, and the area of conflict encompassing uranium deposits

After almost 20 years of right-wing rule in the French republic, Social Democrat Francois Hollande came out victorious in a tight presidential race. His ousting of Nicolas Sarkozy brought a lot of hope to many left-leaning Europeans who were tired of having to normalize with the xenophobic rhetoric, to say the least. Hollande promised to withdraw the French troops in…

I want YOU for the World Bank and the IMF

IMF and world bank round table very cool oct. 9, 2010

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund play an obnoxious role in world economy, and an intrusive one in politics. This is a brief post to explain where they came from, how they function, and why many see them as a direct threat to the independence and the progress of the poorer nations. I’m not the expert by any…

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