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Create a ‘Facebook Website’ from start to finish

Facebook Website PSD Template

The new Facebook Timeline has changed once again the social network dynamics. If you’re working with pages, this shift is a big deal and while some have feared this drastic flip, I think there’s plenty of benefits to pull out of this. Besides the obvious ‘cover image’, which could be regularly changed to fill the 850 x 315px at the…

5 reasons why Adobe Flash will slowly but surely go extinct

As trends go through their natural cycle, the general public’s definition of ‘attractive’ websites alters. There’s no doubt that websites built in flash can be breath-taking. Wonderwall, AgencyNet 2.0 and Waterlife are a sweet reminder of the creativity and innovation that designers and multimedia developers are capable of. However, while Adobe Flash provides what many ambiguously call the ‘wow factor’,…

Open Egypt: Free XHTML & CSS design template for download

Open Egypt

When you’re freelancing, you don’t have a supervisor or manager to tell you how good or bad of a job you’ve done with your work. So many-a-times, you’re left in a bit of an imaginary self-critique that makes you feel like a superstar. After throwing in a reasonable chunk of creative wit in a design for one of my clients,…

Web Developing on Mac OS X with Panic’s Coda

Panic Coda

Out of Adobe’s undisputed Fab Four on any web designer’s desktop (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver), the one specifically for HTML and CSS is probably the most threatened. Indeed, replacing any of the first three is almost an impossibility (see my post on GIMP’s attempt to overthrow Photoshop). Finding an alternative to Dreamweaver, however, has become more of a reality….

How to Create a Centered UL with Blocks of LI Links

Whether you are working with a CMS or creating a static page (which is logically the step before your custom CMS theme), you are often left to ponder the best way to display a navigational menu or pagination links so that they are centered and in blocks of equal size. You’d be surprised how easy that is, this short tutorial…