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ازاي تعمل منشورة سياسية تجيب نتيجة

This post has been translated by Mariam Osmann. Read her blog and follow her on twitter. ترجمة مريم عثمان زمان كان توزيع المنشورات ده بيتعمل في الاستخوبس واللي كان ماشي فيه ياما شاف. أما دلوقتي ده بقة العادي عشان تعلن عن فكر أو نشاط وتعرف الناس بيه، ويعتبر مهم لأي مجموعة سوا كانت اتحاد مستقل أو قوة سياسية أو حزب…

How to create an effective political flyer


Yesterday I was at Tahrir square in celebration (and recognition) of Labor Day. While the numbers were not on par with my optimism building up to the day-long event, the mood was uplifted, and the revolution’s happening. As always, I was offered a dozen different flyers by fellow revolutionaries, and I make the effort to go through each one and…

Live Social Media Case study: Facebook Cause vs Fan Page

Create a Page on Facebook

For any campaign to be successful, you and your team need to be dynamic, and react to the events as they unfold. In this post I will continue the case study of the live Social Media campaign against Marks & Spencer, focusing on the Facebook cause, that we have decided to replace with a Page. Creating a Facebook cause for…

Creating a panoramic image in Photoshop

This is a video tutorial put together by my dear friend Jose Muñoz, which he embedded in a blog post. He basically shows how you can stitch together a group of photos (simply taken by hand, amateurish) to make a single panoramic image. This photo is of me when he came to Egypt for a visit, and we spent the…

What makes a good website?

The other day my friend Hatem Seoudi called me up to ask ‘what makes a good website? How can I tell if I’m looking at a kick-ass website, or a not-so-hot one?’ Good question. Needless to say, the answer is highly subjective, and depends on numerous aspects. But like everything else, there are a set of rules and guidelines that…

Arabic Video Tutorial for Adobe Photoshop

I had been contemplating for a while blogging with videos when my dear friend Ziad Aly talked me into considering putting together some YouTube webisodes for people to make use of. There are many advantages to talking about design and technology through a series of episodes on YouTube: Easier to portray information: It’s easier to share step-by-step tutorials with videos….

Manage Your Freelance Projects with ProjectPier


Starting off your web design freelancing career might not require advanced tools and applications, but you’ll soon realize that’s organization is key. Thankfully, many entities have reached that same conclusion, and therefore there are numerous tools on the table for you to make your pick. Project management tools help freelancers and agencies collaborate and organize tasks between the different members…

How to Create a Centered UL with Blocks of LI Links

Whether you are working with a CMS or creating a static page (which is logically the step before your custom CMS theme), you are often left to ponder the best way to display a navigational menu or pagination links so that they are centered and in blocks of equal size. You’d be surprised how easy that is, this short tutorial…

Migrating from one WordPress installation to another

When you are working on a revamp for your website and/or move to another host, one major concern is how you will be able to migrate all of the posts and information from the current website to the new one. Depending on the size of the data that you are moving, this could be a long process or a short…

How To Create Your Own Blog: A Guide to Installing and Configuring WordPress

Enter the database information

Many are unaware of just how easy it is to start your own blog using the best open source tool for blogging out there: WordPress. This is a tutorial that will get you up and running in no time. It will cover everything from purchasing your domain name and hosting account, to downloading, installing and configuring WordPress on your website….