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5 reasons why Adobe Flash will slowly but surely go extinct

As trends go through their natural cycle, the general public’s definition of ‘attractive’ websites alters. There’s no doubt that websites built in flash can be breath-taking. Wonderwall, AgencyNet 2.0 and Waterlife are a sweet reminder of the creativity and innovation that designers and multimedia developers are capable of. However, while Adobe Flash provides what many ambiguously call the ‘wow factor’,…

Embed Videos With Flowplayer

Embedding with YouTube is easy, but limited

For anyone developing or maintaining a website, embedding videos used to always be an issue. That was until YouTube became the undisputed leader for sharing videos, and embedding them in websites. Normally, using a free service with a recognizable appearance and a visible watermark, like YouTube, is unprofessional. However, YouTube has become so popular, that even the large corporations and…

jsAnim: Beginning of the End for Flash?

As I was stumbling upon the web, I came across the jsAnim website. The first impression that comes to mind when you open the website is that of vector-based, colorful Flash animation. Interestingly enough, though, it is yet another example of animation and cool effects achieved through pure JavaScript – no plugins required. Just like jQuery has introduced a wide…

Solidays Festival Website

The Solidays annual music festival has an impressive website

Every year, a massive music festival is organized in Paris in solidarity against AIDS. Solidays boasts some of the big names, such as Manu Chao, as well as many up and coming groups and artists. The build up to the big event has enjoyed a lot of success, thanks in particular to their inspirational website. With the rise of Content…