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Fair’s Fair: Friends, Salaries and Mac & Cheese

good year cartoon

“Guess who just got a raise.” “That’s awesome! Congrats, man. Lots-a-maanies?” “Kind of… flat 5 as opposed to 4300. So yeah, drinks on me.” “That’s a big jump! What’s with the below-par excitement levels?” “I don’t know… I feel like a bit of a corporate slut, you know?” “Slut is good… ” “Am I supposed to celebrate a raise knowing…

Exploitation: The ethical reasoning behind my choice with clients

The capitalism pyramid: the capitalist tradition

After numerous occasions of declining pitches for projects in the name of morality (the last of which has caused more of a backlash than normal), I was inspired by my friend Rowan el Shimi to put together this blog post through which I can comprehensively explain why I refuse to work with the majority of potential clients; what the reasoning…