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I want YOU for the World Bank and the IMF

IMF and world bank round table very cool oct. 9, 2010

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund play an obnoxious role in world economy, and an intrusive one in politics. This is a brief post to explain where they came from, how they function, and why many see them as a direct threat to the independence and the progress of the poorer nations. I’m not the expert by any…

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The lamest arguments in favor of the brutally corrupt Egyptian army

One hand? When did this happen? I might’ve missed the memo. We Egyptians can get rather emotional with topics we feel strongly about. Who can deny that it is qualities such as sheer passion that can lead to revolutions happening? It is impossible to push for any change if hope and optimism do not make up the driving force in…

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Exploitation: The ethical reasoning behind my choice with clients

The capitalism pyramid: the capitalist tradition

After numerous occasions of declining pitches for projects in the name of morality (the last of which has caused more of a backlash than normal), I was inspired by my friend Rowan el Shimi to put together this blog post through which I can comprehensively explain why I refuse to work with the majority of potential clients; what the reasoning…

Was Panda Cheese’s award-winning viral ad campaign stolen from another commercial?

Panda cheese came out with a successful advertising campaign that consists of about five commercials. The videos are on YouTube and have already received a couple of million views combined in a matter of a few days. In fact, they were handed awards from Cannes Lions. And why wouldn’t they? The idea is courageous, some might even argue too bold…

Why we should all use Firefox and NOT Google Chrome


In December 2008, tech giant Google unleashed the stable version of its browser, Chrome. Less then two years later, it has eaten up over 17% of the browser market share, growing at an unprecedented rate. It’s fast and light-weight, and boasts a sleek interface. The problem, however, is that the small advantages of the new browser, come at big costs….

When the web empowers the people, and ignorance hinders the government

Obama leads the way

The press has come a long way in recent years in Egypt. In the early 90s, very few independent newspapers circulated, and many relied on the public three (Ahram, Akhbar, Goumhoreya) for news. It used to be a single, mainstream channel of communication that was easily monitored and controlled by the Egyptian authorities. But times are a-changin. A few months…

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Interesting illustration of how motivation works

The design aspect of this video is so impressive, it’s almost over-whelming. Make sure you focus on the actual message as well, and not just get carried away with the cool hand-drawn graphics httpv:// I’d like to see where we can go from here. One thing’s for sure, and it’s that the open-source movement is a win-win situation for everyone,…

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No More, thanks to notification bar

When non-profit organizations and foundations made the realization that, despite their limited budget and resources, they could reach their target audience effectively (all thanks to the web), their objectives suddenly became much more attainable. Carrying out the tasks of a given development program might be costly, but at least spreading awareness of the issue, and reaching out to volunteers and…

When Old School Propaganda Fails To Be As Effective

Cartoon by Al Ahram

As brutal and corrupt as many governments can be nowadays, some are oblivious to the fact that the Web empowers the people beyond control. Dictators like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Teodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea, and Hosny Mubarak of Egypt might like to think that they rule with an iron fist that is virtually impossible to dismantle. While that is…

Google’s 10 to the 100

Love’em or hate’em, we must not take anything away from Google’s creativity and innovation. One of the latest of which establishing an unprecedented approach to social development via the one and only: the World Wide Web. Project 10 to the 100 is a $10 million grant that Google will be handing to the chosen project related to development anywhere across…