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How to bypass Internet censorship in Egypt: A followup on the demonstrations

Tahrir st. on the way to downtown

January 25th will be remembered throughout history as the day of irony; the National Police holiday eventually had the entire security forces roaming the streets from all parts of Egypt in an attempt to control an overwhelming turnout for anti-corruption demonstrations. While the protesters were mobilizing and collaborating together, the Egyptian authorities resolved to desperate attempts in order to hinder…

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When the web empowers the people, and ignorance hinders the government

Obama leads the way

The press has come a long way in recent years in Egypt. In the early 90s, very few independent newspapers circulated, and many relied on the public three (Ahram, Akhbar, Goumhoreya) for news. It used to be a single, mainstream channel of communication that was easily monitored and controlled by the Egyptian authorities. But times are a-changin. A few months…

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My Failed Attempt to use a Skype Phone in Egypt

I took a bit of a risk when I saw how easy it was to order a Skype phone from their official online store and have it ‘delivered to my door’ in Cairo, Egypt. Little did I know that there’s much more involved than entering my credit card details and clicking a button or two. They say it’s not only…

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When Old School Propaganda Fails To Be As Effective

Cartoon by Al Ahram

As brutal and corrupt as many governments can be nowadays, some are oblivious to the fact that the Web empowers the people beyond control. Dictators like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Teodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea, and Hosny Mubarak of Egypt might like to think that they rule with an iron fist that is virtually impossible to dismantle. While that is…

FCC Inaugurates

Even thought the topic of net neutrality is a sensitive one indeed, there are crowds of US citizens that are unaware of the serious threat plaguing their freedom of expression and communication. If you happen to be one of those who are not fully aware of the subject, check out this short documentary on net neutrality. And for that matter,…

Broadcast Yourself In HD

Last month, I posted a video about net neutrality that brought forward the serious threat facing our web. The battle is fierce at congress, with lobbyists pushing to virtually censor the internet and limit free access in support of the large corporations with dubious bank accounts, while the community of normal, everyday internet users are firm on their stance to…

Documentary On Net Neutrality

An informative, thought-provoking video that explains how the internet boomed but is now under serious threat of censorship, on many levels; httpv:// This is the one right that cannot be taken from human beings. 60 percent of the content is produced by people, not corporations, and it has to remain that way. The beauty of the internet is in the…

Internet Censorship Explained

An excellent video by Good Magazine explaining all of what is involved in censoring internet access. httpv://

The Great Firewall of China

China's Internet censored

Seemingly not satisfied with censoring major websites like Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia, the Chinese government has ordered all PCs sold in the country to have a pre-configured software installed that would block all websites with pornographic content or language. Starting Juy 1st, anyone purchasing a new PC will have his hands tied, thanks to “Green Dam Youth Escort”, the latest…