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My Cousin Radwan Detained in Syria


I’ve just received news that my cousin and dear friend Muhammad Bakr Radwan has been detained in the Syrian capital Damascus following Friday’s demonstrations and accused of espionage. His latest tweet came during the early afternoon on March the 25th in which he indicated that he was at the Umayyid mosque in downtown Damascus witnessing tension. Syrian newspapper Sana later…

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Abdel Khalek El Sayyed – Captured in Libya

My friend Adel Abdel Ghafar, who was with me on the Libya trip that I had blogged about, called me this evening to share the shocking news: Abdel Khalek, a 19 year-old volunteer from Cairo who was with us during the whole trip but stayed behind when we all returned to Egypt, was captured by Gaddafi’s forces. In the video…

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To Tubruq & Ben Ghazi, and back

As the Arab world starts to realize that if it weren’t for our corrupt dictators, we’d be much more united, more inspirational revolutions are taking place. Sadly for our Libyan brothers and sisters, their task is by no means a walk in the park, thanks to a delusional Gaddafi that makes Mubarak look like a reasonable diplomat. I went off…

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Exploitation: The ethical reasoning behind my choice with clients

The capitalism pyramid: the capitalist tradition

After numerous occasions of declining pitches for projects in the name of morality (the last of which has caused more of a backlash than normal), I was inspired by my friend Rowan el Shimi to put together this blog post through which I can comprehensively explain why I refuse to work with the majority of potential clients; what the reasoning…

Was Panda Cheese’s award-winning viral ad campaign stolen from another commercial?

Panda cheese came out with a successful advertising campaign that consists of about five commercials. The videos are on YouTube and have already received a couple of million views combined in a matter of a few days. In fact, they were handed awards from Cannes Lions. And why wouldn’t they? The idea is courageous, some might even argue too bold…

Interesting illustration of how motivation works

The design aspect of this video is so impressive, it’s almost over-whelming. Make sure you focus on the actual message as well, and not just get carried away with the cool hand-drawn graphics I’d like to see where we can go from here. One thing’s for sure, and it’s that the open-source movement is a win-win situation for everyone, so…

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Blog Inauguration

Welcome everyone to my new personal website. It’s my online representation, so I’ve worked long and hard to make it as accurate as possible. The beauty of the Internet is in the unlimited space provided for every individual to do whatever he or she wants, so I’m taking advantage of my right as a member of the world wide web…

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