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Are the Lebanese Forces simply sectarian?


I got into a debate with a friend who argued that the Christian parties of Lebanon, mainly the Phalangists and the Lebanese Forces, were sectarian in similar fashion to reactionary, opportunist groups such as Hezbollah and the rest of the political spectrum. While I do agree that every single political group in Lebanon is taking an exclusively sectarian approach to…

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Fair’s Fair: Friends, Salaries and Mac & Cheese

good year cartoon

“Guess who just got a raise.” “That’s awesome! Congrats, man. Lots-a-maanies?” “Kind of… flat 5 as opposed to 4300. So yeah, drinks on me.” “That’s a big jump! What’s with the below-par excitement levels?” “I don’t know… I feel like a bit of a corporate slut, you know?” “Slut is good… ” “Am I supposed to celebrate a raise knowing…

France to the rescue: the liberation of Mali’s uranium

French military presence in the region, and the area of conflict encompassing uranium deposits

After almost 20 years of right-wing rule in the French republic, Social Democrat Francois Hollande came out victorious in a tight presidential race. His ousting of Nicolas Sarkozy brought a lot of hope to many left-leaning Europeans who were tired of having to normalize with the xenophobic rhetoric, to say the least. Hollande promised to withdraw the French troops in…

Are NGOs really making this world a better place?

Main st. not Wall st.

The other day I was with my dear friend Heba ‘Boobie’ El Sherif and the topic of non-governmental organizations came up. And how wouldn’t it? Long before #jan25, but especially since right after, many young, pro-active Egyptians are exploring the different channels of bringing about social change and turning things around for all of us. Naturally, NGOs and development projects…

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My vote goes to Jill Stein in the US presidential farce

Jill Stein speaking at Occupy Wall Street

After having actively, and proudly, boycotted the Egyptian parliamentary and presidential elections (both rounds), I took a seemingly inconsistent approach to the play taking place at the other side of the Atlantic, where many of the calls are made. Although 100% Egyptian, my American passport allows me to partake in the elections where the Republicans and Democrats go head-to-head and…

Snippets from Trotsky’s “Results & Prospects”

Tanta Flax strikers demonstrate in front of Ministerial Cabinet HQ

Friend and comrade Karen Dominguez bought me Leon Trotsky’s classic The Permanent Revolution which also includes his 1906 book, Results and Prospects. I’ve finally had the chance to thoroughly read the first half, and it inspired me to share my reflections on Trotsky’s ideas from over a century, with points that, with regards to the ongoing Egyptian revolution, appear to…

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Normalizing the Illegal State of Israel


My sister Novi, Nevine Shalaby, shared with me the following video campaign by Avaaz that aims to gather support for the recognition of Palestine as a state with a spot in the United Nations. [youtube width=”520″ height=”317″][/youtube] At first, the video appears as an astute method to simplify a bit of a pickle in the heart of the Arab world….

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I want YOU for the World Bank and the IMF

IMF and world bank round table very cool oct. 9, 2010

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund play an obnoxious role in world economy, and an intrusive one in politics. This is a brief post to explain where they came from, how they function, and why many see them as a direct threat to the independence and the progress of the poorer nations. I’m not the expert by any…

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Back from EspaƱa

What was originally a personal trip to visit Sevilla for my friend Rodolfo’s wedding, turned into an opportunity to engage with some of the inspirational revolutionaries in Spain. Through a couple of contacts (mainly the fantastic Olga Rodriguez) I had some talks lined up (three talks and a workshop, to be exact), and it’s a lot of fun. This post…

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Radwan’s party at the Cairo airport!

Rad what? Rad-1

A week after he has been detained in downtown Damascus, Muhammad Radwan is finally free and will be flying to Cairo tomorrow (Saturday), arriving at the international airport’s terminal 3 at 6pm via EgyptAir. Needless to say, we’re going to be kickin’ one hell of a party at the airport and you’re all invited. We’ll try to get the following…

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