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SCAF Detains Alaa Abdel-Fattah

Alaa's iconic twitter avatar. One of many you can get a hold of at

Revolutionary times call for escalated reactions. Perhaps it was the only glimmer of hope when 36 of our brothers were massacred by the Egyptian army last month. Surely, it is an inevitable phase that we have to go through to reach victory with our #Jan25 struggle. It’s a challenge whose acceptance is far easier said than done. It’s doable, until…

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The three emotional highlights at Tahrir


The feelings that burst out during the revolutionary times will always be intense. When I look back to the early stage of the revolution and the time I’ve spent at Tahrir, I can pin point three particular moments in which my emotions were in the driving seat in an unprecedented manner. Together, they create the trio of dots to be…

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The Egyptian army and the police: one hand

Protests at Israeli embassy (two weeks prior) - photo by @Mosaaberizing

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces had their minds set: the solidarity movement for the Palestinians has to be completed halted. Northern Sinai had intentionally weakened mobile coverage. The Mubarak El Salam bridge crossing over the Suez Canal became blocked for all passengers. The tunnel near Suez rejected through traffic. The active ferry going between Port Said and Sinai…

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We’re the embassy people

So I’ve just gone through my first experience in an Egyptian political prison. You always hear stories, accounts and testimonials, but nothing compares to consciously living it. For starters, you could argue that in some cases, loved ones outside suffer even more than you do inside. Sure the thought of a potential prison sentence could be scary enough to get…

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The lamest arguments in favor of the brutally corrupt Egyptian army

One hand? When did this happen? I might’ve missed the memo. We Egyptians can get rather emotional with topics we feel strongly about. Who can deny that it is qualities such as sheer passion that can lead to revolutions happening? It is impossible to push for any change if hope and optimism do not make up the driving force in…

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Revolution’s Just Getting Started

Egyptians took Tahrir sq

The following is an article I voluntarily wrote a month ago for an English magazine targeting teens in Egypt. It’s interesting to look back at my analysis at the time, and how the events have changed, but the fight continues. Hope you like it. It had been 13 days and the uncomfortable lifestyle consisting of camping and holding ground at…

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Constant phone calls

Bansyon by Rowan el Shimi

Communication, especially voice calls, became an integral part of my experience at the square, and in fact consumed a considerable chunk of the daily routine. It was an activity that tired me out at a time when every piece of energy was needed. While some calls were very important in the process of the ongoing revolution, others, and sadly an…

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Compilation of media appearances

When all eyes turned to a square in downtown Cairo, mainstream media did its part in documenting the revolution. Since I was amongst those who were consistently at Tahrir, I was targeted by journalists from different parts of the globe. Moreover, my Spanish-speaking skills made me a bit of a golden opportunity for media outlets in Spain and Latin America…

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The Bansyon’s regulars

Hatemation coordinating the game plan

To follow up on my earlier entry in the Tahrir Diaries, I’ve dedicated this post to some of the Bansyon el Horreya regulars. Because not only was the Bansyon my home, it was also the meeting point of many revolutionaries. They got me food, they got me news. If it wasn’t for the people who showed up almost every single…

Bansyon el Horreya

The Shalabys (with Robin) and Waleed after packing up

How can we talk about the ongoing revolution without bringing up my home during two weeks? From the day after Angry Friday and up until Mubarak’s resignation, my address changed from conservative, backwards Mohandeseen, to progressive and bohemian Tahrir square. Moving to Tahrir square On the morning of the 30th I got a call from my dear friend Waleed Fateem,…