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Article 53: SCAF and MB unite

27,000 workers go on strike at the state-owned Ghazl El Mahalla textile factory in December, 2006

As we find ourselves in turmoil, there’s a lot to talk (and fight to the death) about. The Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi whipped out a jaw-dropping decree to ‘protect the revolution’ while conveniently having the MB-dominated Islamists cook up a constitution overnight. The entire process is outrageous, and very few non-blindly-Brotherhood would brag about how representative the committee was, or how…

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Are NGOs really making this world a better place?

Main st. not Wall st.

The other day I was with my dear friend Heba ‘Boobie’ El Sherif and the topic of non-governmental organizations came up. And how wouldn’t it? Long before #jan25, but especially since right after, many young, pro-active Egyptians are exploring the different channels of bringing about social change and turning things around for all of us. Naturally, NGOs and development projects…

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My vote goes to Jill Stein in the US presidential farce

Jill Stein speaking at Occupy Wall Street

After having actively, and proudly, boycotted the Egyptian parliamentary and presidential elections (both rounds), I took a seemingly inconsistent approach to the play taking place at the other side of the Atlantic, where many of the calls are made. Although 100% Egyptian, my American passport allows me to partake in the elections where the Republicans and Democrats go head-to-head and…

Snippets from Trotsky’s “Results & Prospects”

Tanta Flax strikers demonstrate in front of Ministerial Cabinet HQ

Friend and comrade Karen Dominguez bought me Leon Trotsky’s classic The Permanent Revolution which also includes his 1906 book, Results and Prospects. I’ve finally had the chance to thoroughly read the first half, and it inspired me to share my reflections on Trotsky’s ideas from over a century, with points that, with regards to the ongoing Egyptian revolution, appear to…

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Marxist Revolutionaries and Elections

Naguib Mahfouz school poll station, Faisel district, Cairo

The intense weeks of Egypt’s presidential elections were tough on everyone. Constant debates – heated debates, and aggressive arguments catapulted all over no-man’s land, and even the tightest of political groups were threatened by divisions. I personally went through quite an emotionally exhausting time myself, and I’ll recognize that my strong feeling towards my position with regards to the elections…

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The top seven myths on the Abbaseyya sit-in


After being pushed out by force, and following the arrest of hundreds of protesters at the Ministry of Defense sit-in last Friday, I was shocked to see the negative reaction by pro-revolution activists. It felt like SCAF had successfully infiltrated dozens of twitter accounts. I couldn’t help but feel disturbed that the majority of those opposing the MOD sit-in had…

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Elections in revolutionary times


It’s been 15 months and we’re still judged, legislated and executed by SCAF. It seems like it was only the other day when a small group of revolutionaries were independently trying to talk everyone else from not walking into SCAF’s parliamentary elections. I even wrote a blog post about and had my friend Arwa translate it into Arabic to try…

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Create a ‘Facebook Website’ from start to finish

Facebook Website PSD Template

The new Facebook Timeline has changed once again the social network dynamics. If you’re working with pages, this shift is a big deal and while some have feared this drastic flip, I think there’s plenty of benefits to pull out of this. Besides the obvious ‘cover image’, which could be regularly changed to fill the 850 x 315px at the…


Tahrir sq. Nov 22nd - photo by @LilianWagdy

No one said it was going to be easy. The ongoing Egyptian revolution, like any other, goes through ups and downs. The bumpy road is rather harsh on those who celebrate victories momentarily, and let the consequences of the losses drag on. While the current phase is not exactly a positive indicator in terms of achievements versus sacrifices, there’s plenty…

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Amre Moussa For President


Yeah…about that.

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