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We’re the embassy people

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  1. We’re the embassy people
  2. The Egyptian army and the police: one hand

So I’ve just gone through my first experience in an Egyptian political prison. You always hear stories, accounts and testimonials, but nothing compares to consciously living it.

For starters, you could argue that in some cases, loved ones outside suffer even more than you do inside. Sure the thought of a potential prison sentence could be scary enough to get you to shuffle previously undisputed principles, but the picture’s not all pitch black. The angles are many, and so are the methods to reveal them.

Even before release, I has been contemplating writing a series of blog posts (as well as cursing the lack of access to a pen and paper). It’s a chance for me to document what I went through for those interested in the case in general, as well as share the good, the bad and the ugly for those interested in my experience in particular.

So here’s to my love for Egypt, my hatred for the SCAF, and my hope for victory in our revolution.

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May 24, 2011

Glad you are out and safe. I’m looking forward to reading about the rest.

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