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When all eyes turned to a square in downtown Cairo, mainstream media did its part in documenting the revolution. Since I was amongst those who were consistently at Tahrir, I was targeted by journalists from different parts of the globe. Moreover, my Spanish-speaking skills made me a bit of a golden opportunity for media outlets in Spain and Latin America whose knowledge of English would’nt allow them to cover the events past a superficial level.

I’ve compiled as much as possible from the videos and articles that I’ve appeared in over the course of my two-week stay at the revolutionary Tahrir square.

A Tent City ‘Freedom Motel’ in Tahrir Square

A nice little report featuring Waleed and I at Bansyon el Horreya. This video turned out to be pretty cool, actually.

Egypte: Les Raisons de la Colere

A French report following myself and two others for a couple of days (over 2 YouTube videos).



Ziad Aly’s Egyptian Revolution: ‘Agendat’ and spies

With about a quarter of a million views, this humorous video shot by my friend Ziad Aly featuring Sherif el Alfy and myself made me a famous figure in the square. Here you see Alfy unleashing some of his revolutionary wit. Enjoy!

[youtube width=”520″ height=”325″][/youtube]

Short report on Al Arabiya

Reporter Ingy seemed like an interesting women until I saw how her channel made me look like an air-headed blond mistakenly taking part in the revolution. Anyway, its repetition throughout the day and on YouTube/Facebook made a few Tahrir visitors recognize me (the residents, naturally, never really got to see anything on TV or the web).


Democracy Now: Voices of the Egyptian Revolution

Neat coverage of life at Tahrir square. I don’t appear until minute 19.

And some of the articles:

It’s interesting to see yourself through the lens of others, especially after significant time. While journalists tend to get carried away and sport rather arrogant attitudes, it must be said that they play a role in projecting the voice of the revolutionaries to the world outside. Having said that, I personally think citizen journalism flourished and has gone as far as overtake mainstream media as the source of information and inspiration.

After all, it’s our revolution, and no one covers it better than we do.

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March 26, 2011

“After all, it’s our revolution, and no one covers it better than we do.” :) helwa ya Shalabovich!:)

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