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Open Egypt: Free XHTML & CSS design template for download

Open Egypt

The Open Egypt HTML/CSS theme

When you’re freelancing, you don’t have a supervisor or manager to tell you how good or bad of a job you’ve done with your work. So many-a-times, you’re left in a bit of an imaginary self-critique that makes you feel like a superstar.

After throwing in a reasonable chunk of creative wit in a design for one of my clients, I was surprised to see them reject it. Even though almost everyone I spoke with was very impressed (albeit partially to help me feel better), the client thought it wasn’t top notch.

For that reason, Idecided to invest many hours converting the design into XHTML & CSS (and much more to make it compatible with Internet Explorer) for everyone to use. I feel proud to contribute something to the beautiful open-source community.

I’ve tried my best to make it clean and future-proof, so you shouldn’t have any problems digging into the code and make your alterations.

This could be ideal for converting into a CMS theme (like WordPress).


  • Built on the 960 Grid System: Therefore fully compatible and very easily changed for your needs
  • Lightweight: Besides the three sample images used for the slideshow (you can place your own light-weight versions), all files amount to about 300kb
  • Cufon font: Has a unique look with a non-system font
  • jQuery Nivo slideshow: One of the coolest slideshows I’ve come across
  • Social Media integration: Easy to add social media profiles and facilitate content going viral
  • Sidebar UL CMS/widget-ready: Used ULs and LIs for the content of the sidebar which makes it easy to integrate with CMSs and any web applications using widgets

Preview the Wild Egypt theme | Download the Wild Egypt theme


  • index.php
  • js files: For cufon and the jQuery stuff
  • images: Placeholders and social network icons
  • css: 960 GS and the main one

You can use it in anyway you want, and link backs are highly appreciated, but certainly not mandatory.

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August 28, 2010


i saw your theme is wonderful. I would like to suggest that giving a height to the gallery will really help the featured content to load properly.

Tarek Shalaby

August 28, 2010

Thank you very much!

You’re right about the height aspect, I took the code pretty much as is from the jQuery plugin with minor changes. It’s only an issue when you have large images (as in this case). For now, I thought I’d leave it so that people can customize it the way they want, or have a CMS do it on their behalf.


August 28, 2010


David 'Red Sea Holidays' Hall

October 13, 2010

Thank you so much!

This is a good, solid template and has saved me hours on my current project. :-)


March 19, 2012

so good template and nice work so keep it …………. thanks


April 30, 2012

i prefer the template with color gray and blue and diaporama for matériel and promotion and formulaire (pseudo,password) and panier and ……???thank you very much


August 29, 2012

Nice template. Like it


December 29, 2012

great template :’)

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