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GeekFest Cairo 1.0

The reason why the web is the ideal tool to give power to the people, is because it allows us all to connect with each other directly across space and time, sharing knowledge and experiences. That is why the web should always act as a mean to an end that will benefit us all, and it is events like this weekend’s GeekFest in Cairo that allow us to take interaction and engagement to the next level.

Cairo’s version of the GeekFest is a Creative Commons event that brings techies of all sorts together to learn from each other and share ideas. Whether you’re interested in tapping in on the twitter community in Cairo, learning about start-ups, open-source, expression via the web and new media, or anything related to our beautiful information super highway, stop by the GeekFest at the Sawy Cultural Wheel in Zamalek.

Event Details

Saturday, May 29, 2010
4:00pm – 9:00pm
Al-Sawy Culture Wheel
26 July St, Zamalek

More details at the Facebook Event page. You can also check out Maggie Osama‘s blog post.

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Neisy M

May 27, 2010

Tab will there be another GeekFest again soon?
I’m currently in KSA and will be back in Mid-July :(
I always wanted to attend one, I hear about Dubai’s all the time…

Tarek Shalaby

May 27, 2010

It’s an event that is being replicated across the Arab world. I’m sure there will be another GeekFest soon. Stay tuned with the community to see how it went so that we can build on it.

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