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FCC Inaugurates

Even thought the topic of net neutrality is a sensitive one indeed, there are crowds of US citizens that are unaware of the serious threat plaguing their freedom of expression and communication. If you happen to be one of those who are not fully aware of the subject, check out this short documentary on net neutrality. And for that matter, here’s an explanation on internet censorship worldwide.

In a surprising, and some might even say suspicious, move the Federal Communications Commission has gone live with a website, that has a video raising awareness of the subject:


The goal seems to be to prevent the internet from losing its neutrality, and to avoid the loss of one of the most basic rights for any human being. It also acts as a platform for US citizens from all corners of the globe to share their thoughts and comments – ironically yet another example of how the Web facilitates direct communication across space and time.

The initial impression is in no doubt a positive one. The only concern would be the influence that lobbyists might have on government officials persuading them to allow large telecommunications corporations to gain full control, and strip away the American people from the only absolutely pure method of information exchange ever to have been invented by humankind. Regardless of how congress decides to handle the issue, raising awareness and providing a communication channel for the people is highly beneficial. The website is currently in its beta phase, but the FCC promises to expand on it gradually.

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