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PS3 Slim Unboxing

Hardcore gamers are lining up to get their hands on the new Play Station 3 Slim, which will hit the shelves on September 1st. Generally speaking, it is exactly like the traditional PS3, but the main difference is the size, as well as the hard disk space (the new one offering 120 GB for your storage). Not exactly a breakthrough, and therefore, not too many bells and whistles will be going off, but it’s good to have a quick idea of how different it is from the original, and that is exactly what the following video illustrates:


The bad news is that the price has not been reduced, meaning those who have been saving up will have to make the full investment. As for those of you who do not consider themselves full-time gamers, you should take comfort knowing that the PS3 remains one of the cheapest Bluray players in the market. More over, it is now slimmer and more attractive.

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