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Broadcast Yourself In HD

Last month, I posted a video about net neutrality that brought forward the serious threat facing our web. The battle is fierce at congress, with lobbyists pushing to virtually censor the internet and limit free access in support of the large corporations with dubious bank accounts, while the community of normal, everyday internet users are firm on their stance to defend what is every human being’s born right. Campaigns such as Save The Internet and We Are The Web have been successful in spreading awareness and fighting corruption. On a slightly more positive note, there has been further developments on various fronts allowing for home users to challenge cable and network television on the web.

When YouTube introduced the High Definition version of users’ videos through its website, it opened the way for millions of active members to provide users from all over the world with videos that they wanted to watch, in a much more pleasing quality. This meant that you were no longer sacrificing significant quality when you are viewing home videos. However, there was still very little competition with television channels and professional programming. The good news is that now, with YouTube, the HD quality just got better. At 850 x 480 px, the new HD quality videos are a real treat. Here’s a working example:


This is a video by the Improv Everywhere people, who are a New York-based group that go on the craziest missions throughout the city and beyond. It is a classic example of thinking outside the box, and taking the creativity to the next level. In simple words, it is a form of modern art, using the tools and services provided by our dear web.

The video is currently displayed in the traditional form. If you click on the actual screen to visit the YouTube page, you will see that it provides you with an HD option. Unlike the old days, clicking on that HD button will not slightly improve the quality, it will significantly up the resolution and size, consuming the width of the website. Go full screen, and you will completely forget that you are watching a low-budget video posted for free on the community-based YouTube. And that is precisely the beauty of the Internet.

YouTube’s new HD format means regular videos are viewed at semi-professional resolutions, closing in on the gap between the professional channels, and the people’s voice/images. Add on to that the advancements in the digital and video camera markets, and the falling prices, and you have just cooked up the perfect recipe that makes it a fair game. It has been evermore clear over the last couple of years that content provided by home users and everyday people has been claiming more and more interest and fame amongst the viewers world-wide.

Assuming that the net stays neutral, as it absolutely must, we are in for a ride, as the millions of channels of communication are allowing direct contact between internet users across space and time. With exquisite content, and now quality display, life only gets better for the lucky ones cruising on the information super highway.

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