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The Exploding Internet Trends

This is a graph that visually maps out internet usage world-wide. You can look through numbers all night, but nothing can help us comprehend the massiveness of the web like an illustration as such:

The Exploding Internet

The Exploding Internet

There are several thought-provoking digits to draw conclusions from:

  • China has the biggest user base, even though it is one of the countries that censors the web the most. Also, if your were to take into consideration that it is the most populous nation on the planet, and that less than a fifth of the population access the internet, the number loses significance. Japan, on the other hand, boasts a usage percentage of 74%
  • India is widely believed to be an IT haven, and surely enough over 60 million Indians are connected to the information super highway. However, that number represents no more than 4% of its population
  • Voice Over IP represents a mere 6%, which is shocking. With an infrastructure already in place, and the costs mostly taken care of, why is the huge majority still relying on old-school telephony? I expect this number to triplee in 2009, especially with various options available
  • Africa doesn’t seem to exist – the sad story that I had discussed in an earlier post

It is beneficial for regular users to visualize the latest trends in terms of Internet usage worldwide. When the 2009 graphs are out, it will be interesting to compare and spot where the movement is heading. The beauty of the usage trends is that it is set by no one, except for the users themselves, and that is the source of freedom. The downside of the story, however, is the significant world population that is left outside of the internet game.

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