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Print Friendly: Print The Web

Many-a-times you are left with the frustration of not being able to print out information directly from websites that you browse on the Internet. In most cases, blog posts and news articles always offer you a “printer-friendly” version, but the problem becomes evident when you attempt to print out pages with diverse content. If there are frames, the printer separates them into pages, if there are images they will be printed in color, in most cases the content does not fit within the margins of a standard A4 paper, and you are left with odd-looking content, and the list goes on.

Print Friendly

Print Friendly

Print Friendly offers a very simple service in an easy and professional manner. All you need to do is visit the website, paste the URL in the text field, and voila, you’re gotten your printer-friendly version. No sign-up nor registration required, and you won’t need to download anything. PF also provides you with a button that you can incorporate in your website or blog so that the users can immediately access a printer-friendly version.

An example provided by PF themselves is with ESPN, which normally looks like this:

ESPN website

ESPN website

Until you view the version for print:

Print Friendly version of the ESPN website

Print Friendly version of the ESPN website

Notice that you can directly convert it to the pdf format.

However, there are some known bugs that the developers are working on. For example, when used with this website, it stops rendering with the first unordered list it comes across, and displays the content in a random order. Still, it is a useful tool that should work with most websites.

UPDATE: It seems it was a misunderstanding from my part. The page renders fine, so you shouldn’t face any problems using PrintFriendly.

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Taylor Norrish

July 20, 2009

This is Taylor from PrintFriendly. Thanks for the post.

Love the design of your site, you’ve got the eye!

I haven’t heard about the bug with unordered list. For example, this page has both unordered and ordered list and renders fine.

Let’s talk about the design, and the bug. Please email me.

Support Details: Your Basic Info | Tarek Shalaby

August 24, 2009

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