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Apple Introduces MacBook Wheel

A hilarious video by The Onion taking a humorous approach to Apple’s philosophy:


While the report is completely fictitious, there are a number of valid points made (through exaggerating):

  • Apple are always desperate to be “innovative” in anyway, to the point of over-looking what the consumer is actually looking for
  • InĀ  many cases, the company looks to sell features as “must-haves”, and people learn to like it
  • They make “revolutionary” announcements (like that of the iPhone), when the release is always months and months later
  • The most important part of owning a Mac or an Apple product, is to proudly show it to everyone
  • They are outrageously over-priced. Very few people can argue that what you pay for Apple products is completely nonsensical

Therefore, even though the video’s there to make you laugh, I think the Onion News Network makes valid arguments that is important for us, the consumers, to discuss and be aware of.

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