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Solidays Festival Website

Every year, a massive music festival is organized in Paris in solidarity against AIDS. Solidays boasts some of the big names, such as Manu Chao, as well as many up and coming groups and artists. The build up to the big event has enjoyed a lot of success, thanks in particular to their inspirational website.

The Solidays annual music festival has an impressive website

The Solidays annual music festival has an impressive website

With the rise of Content Management Systems, fewer web designers are choosing to work with Flash. While this topic is too big to be briefly brought up here, for the time-being, it is suffice to say that many developers chose to stick with XHTML and CSS as it is much easier to maintain, and much more flexible overall. Especially now with jQuery on the rise, there is a movement away from Rich Internet Applications, towards CMS-driven websites.

However, a website like reminds us all of the unprecedented beauty of Flash. We have forgotten that there is much more to Flash then actionscripted animation and vector graphics. The entire website feels like a short movie that has you glued to the screen (not to mention your ears’ full attention to the catchy tunes), and is truly a pleasant experience. Their use of colors is rejuvenating, and the animation techniques implemented are just glorious. The best part of it is that it’s not all looks and no brains, as you’d expect. In fact, the Solidays website is packed with information about every artist performing, plus general information the visitors would need.

On the one hand, the internet needs CMS-driven websites, giving power to the regular user to manage and maintain his or her website with minimal technical knowledge. But on the other hand, it is always refreshing to surf interactive and creative websites such as that of Solidays.

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